Cruisin’ with the STARs

  • Streaming music sites
    • Pandora
    • Slacker
    • LastFM
    • Pretty much all radio stations
  • Audio file (drum beat intro) looped w/beep 10 seconds from the end w/voice over to let them know how much time is left (use Audacity or GarageBand to create them . . . make them in different time increments)
  • Right click on any file, select Create Shortcut key
  • Classroom music – created a playlist that can be cued up for the entire day (test taking music, working music)

  • FlipVideo (
    • Cheap camera
    • Holds 30 min. of video
    • $85
    • Point and shoot
    • Connect w/USB
    • Software is build in / no extra disks
    • Can be expanded w/memory card
    • Come w/cables that connect to TV


  • www.teachertube.comn
    • Video hosting site for teachers
    • Free teacher account
    • Teachers registered for a free laptop w/every uploaded video
    • Can search by tag, name, teacher, etc.
    • Videos organized via channels
    • Online tutorials, student created content, professional development, teacher created content for students or other teachers
    • For users of Inspiration or Kidspiration
    • Can search for sample lessons by topic
    • “Inspiration Investigation” – check it out

  • Site that allows users to post books w/reviews and connect w/others who are reading that same book as well as connect with others who are interested in similar topics
  • Great for professional development as well as with students (literature circles, etc)
  • Google her name to find a student video--or play this:

    • Web 2.0 tool where users can create maps that can be shared
    • Users can tag specific placemarks w/hyperlinks and lots of other embedded media
  • . . .
    • Night sky for any location (Google Earth for the sky)
    • Can advance or reverse in time
    • Free download
  • 321 Countdown – widget for MAC users only

    • Site that connects teachers who need a grant for classroom learning tools w/donors
    • Tip – break grants down into $300 or less (most of those get funded)
    • If funded, teachers must do some video storytelling to show donors what is being done with the money


*See the PowerPoint here: